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Il Bollettino della Sfi*a

This once popular blog written in a fake old Maltese was the realm of Gakbu Sfi*o – a semi-fictitious character plagued by Lady Luck in her multiple incarnations. Recruiting chroniclers of the evil eye from around the world, the Bulletin of Malchance is now limited to one or two posts per month but statistics show that the nostalgics still regularly scour the archives to read about the more interesting times.

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  1. walter permalink
    December 23, 2008 12:00 pm

    Did you know that attalapposta when typed in google only brings up your web site.
    I have lived in Canada for some 25 years and I check out the free t.v on the web usually when i’m on nights.
    Most of the time there are informercials and I find when they say things I have lost touch with the language and sound retarded when I speak to people eg pizza I say pieeza very long pee You know.
    I used to say apposta is that retarded???

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